Mold Removal Orlando FL

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If you are like many property owners in Orlando, you might just consider mold as a cosmetic problem ruining the appeal of your home or property. However, did you know that mold does more than appear unsightly? It has been proven that mold causes health problems and especially for the elderly, children and people with compromised immune systems. Mold also causes structural damage to the property. As such, mold removal Orlando FL is necessary when you notice you have signs of mold on your property.

Most of the people who consider mold a cosmetic problem also do not believe in handling a mold problem in a professional manner. They believe that scrubbing off the mold from the surface is enough to make the problem disappear. If this is you, then chances are you are having a persistent mold problem on your property. Professional mold removal Orlando FL goes beyond just cleaning mold off a surface with bleach.

Professionals will start by inspecting the mold problem before any work has begun to determine the extent of the mold problem. During inspection, the experts also use specialized tools and techniques to determine the root cause of mold on your property. This is done by determining the cause of excess moisture on the property or finding any signs of water damage. Mold growth and water damage go hand in hand.

When the cause of excess moisture or water has been determined, then the experts will fix it immediately to prevent recurrence of mold growth on your property. Without handling the source of water or excess moisture then all your Orlando mold removal efforts will be futile as the mold will soon recur.

Professional mold removal Orlando FL

Professionals don’t just treat a mold problem as a cosmetic problem. They understand the dangers and consequences of mold growth on your property. Hence, they do everything necessary to get rid of mold safely and completely ensuring the property is safe for living or working. To do this some techniques are used during the mold removal process.

First of all, the areas affected by mold are contained using plastic sheets. This is done to prevent cross contamination of mold to other unaffected areas. During removal, the experts work carefully to reduce disturbances to the mold colonies. This way not many mold spores will become airborne spreading to other areas. An increase in the spore count in the air also means more exposure to the occupants of the property.

Besides working carefully, experts also use negative air pressure to reduce the chances of any mold spores that become airborne leaving the contained areas. The negative air pressure is induced using HEPA air filters. These filters will force air in the contained areas to go through them before it is passed back and moved to other areas in the property. The filters have small enough holes that sift out the mold spores and other contaminants in the air. This process is what is also called air scrubbing.

Professional mold removal Orlando Florida also entails proper removal of all items infested by mold. First, the experts will map the whole property to determine all the areas affected by mold. They will then remove all the affected items bagging and sealing them before they are moved around the property. This ensures there’s no cross contamination.

To ensure complete eradication and prevent recurrence of mold, all porous materials affected by the mold are not returned to the property. Non-porous materials like metal and tiles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Non-porous materials will have to be replaced. This complete removal coupled with the fact that the root cause of the mold has been addressed means that you can live mold free for a long time.

Advanced mold removal techniques

Professional mold removal Orlando FL goes beyond scrubbing and cleaning the surfaces with antimicrobial agents. The restoration industry is a necessary industry that helps property owners to restore their properties from damage and also maintain the health of the occupants. Mold removal and restoration professionals are trained and certified by leading organizations.

But that is not all, as technology changes and there are advancements in many fields, mold removal techniques also advance. First of all, there are many discoveries into effective cleaning products for mold. From toxic cleaning products, there are now friendlier cleaning products that get rid of mold but do not expose occupants or restorers to toxins.

Besides, there are also advancements in equipment and techniques used in mold removal. The newest technique used in Orlando mold removal is called media blasting or abrasive blasting. Media blasting entails throwing abrasive materials to the surfaces where mold is growing to remove the mold. For mold removal the media commonly used is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and dry ice.

The choice of using these two media is because they do not cause damage to the surfaces even the sensitive surfaces. They can also be used safely on furniture, carpets and other items around the house. Named after the media used, the two most common media blasting techniques in the market are; soda blasting and dry ice blasting.

These two techniques require specialized equipment. They also require a lot of training to be able to do right. As technology continues to advance and we see things like robot vacuum cleaners and intelligent homes, it is no doubt that also mold removal techniques and equipment will continue to advance. As this advancement happens, we will also continue to update our guides to reflect the changes in the industry and keep you informed.

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