Mold Remediation Orlando FL

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Given the right conditions, mold will grow on any property in Orlando FL. All that is needed for mold to grow is a food source (any organic material), moisture and oxygen. Organic materials are all over around us and oxygen too. So the only thing mold needs to thrive in your property is excess moisture or water. Mold has been shown to cause a myriad of health problems and permanent structural damage. As such, professional mold remediation Orlando FL is needed if you spot signs of mold on your property.

Mold has been shown to cause health problems like itchy eyes, skin irritation, coughing, sneezing, allergic reactions and asthma attacks. But, that is not all, when mold grows on the organic materials around the property, it causes them to rot and deteriorate as it feeds on them, consequently turning them into dirt.

Mold remediation Orlando FL is the process of cleaning up, removal and repairing the damages done by mold on a property. It is a demanding process that should be conducted by a licensed and certified company or individual with background in construction, demolition and cleaning among other skills. This is unless you choose to go the DIY way for very minor mold problems. The EPA recommends this to be a 3 ft by 3 ft mold patch. Anything bigger than that should be handled professionally.

The best way to combat mold growth is by reducing environments that are conducive for its growth. This can only be achieved by ensuring there aren’t water damage or moisture problems on your property. Control moisture levels, handle spills and leaks promptly, maintain your property to reduce chances of water damage and keep your plumbing system well maintained. This is the only way to reduce your spending on professional mold remediation Orland FL services.

Mold remediation techniques

There are different mold remediation techniques used to ensure proper removal of mold on the surfaces and items. The choice of the method to use depends largely on the side and extent of the infestation. Here are the common mold remediation Orlando Florida techniques used;

Hand scrubbing with biocides – the first techniques is the simplest and is only used on small mold patches. This is the method that can also be used for DIY mold removal. In this method the contractor will sand or scrub out the mold from the surfaces. This process is slow and tedious and demands a lot of labor.

For proper mold removal and prevention, three things have to be done in this type of cleaning. First, mold is scrubbed off or sanded off the surface with water. Then, biocides are applied on the surfaces to kill any remaining mold. Finally, the area is treated with an anti-microbial agent that reduces the chances of mold recurring on the surface.

This process is also limited in that it cannot be used in tight angles and confined spaces like attics where mold likes to hide since there isn’t enough room to reach and properly clean. Manually scrubbing large surfaces is also time consuming meaning that a small project may take a long time to complete. As the process becomes lengthy, the chances of mold spores spreading to other parts of the house also increase.

This means that for large areas and tight spaces better methods have to be used.

Media blasting – media blasting or abrasive blasting is a method of mold remediation Orlando Florida that entails blasting the infested surfaces with different materials including water, sand and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). This is more effective method than manually scrapping off mold from the surface with brushes. Media blasting is the most common method of mold removal for most companies in Florida.

In this method, a centrifugal wheel is used to throw the abrasive particles against the surface that mold is growing. This method is highly effective and less time consuming. Also, it can be used for hard to reach places like attics and crawspaces. It is also great for cleaning irregular spaces and spaces that might pose dangers like bottom of a deck with protruding nails.

Dry ice blasting – dry ice blasting is a type of media blasting but this deserves to be mentioned separately because it is a bit special. Instead of using abrasive materials like sand, this method uses recycled CO2 pellets. These pellets are then accelerated at supersonic speeds and mimic explosions when they hit the surfaces to lift the mold off the surface.

The CO2 pellets used are soft and do not cause to the surfaces they hit. This means that this method can be used even on sensitive surfaces. Also, unlike the other medial blasting methods, dry ice blasting doesn’t leave any secondary waste. This therefore reduces the need for a lot of labor and time spent on a project.

Dry ice blasting removes mold from surfaces in less time and effort as compared to all other methods. It has also been shown to cause the least damage on surfaces therefore making it the most ideal method for mold removal in most cases.

The above mold remediation Orlando FL techniques are used together with HEPA vacuuming to reduce mold spores in the air. As contractors disturb the mold, spores become airborne and can spread easily through the air to other areas on the property or even be inhaled by occupants exposing them to health complications. Air scrubbing ensures that the mold spores in the air are removed before the air circulates to other regions.

All of these methods require special training and special equipment to be used correctly. This is where certification of companies and employees by bodies like the IICRC and NACHI comes in. The mold remediation experts are trained and have to pass rigorous tests before they can be certified. They also have to adhere to strict industry guidelines and standards given by the certifying organizations.

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