Mold Inspection Orlando

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The presence of mold is not always visible or obvious for most people. This is because of the nature of mold where it likes to grow in damp and moist environments which are usually out of sight in many properties. Some of the best places for mold growth include basements, attics, under tiles, under baseboards, under carpets, in between walls and crawlspaces. A mold inspection Orlando is a great way of confirming whether you have a mold infestation and the severity of the infestation.

Reasons why mold inspection Orlando is important

The Orlando mold inspection process is carried out for several reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you might need mold inspection:

  • To confirm a mold infestation – you might only want to know whether for sure you have a mold invasion or not. Having a professional mold inspection done will help you tell for sure whether mold is growing on your property.
  • The know extent of mold infestation – so you have a mold infestation on your property, but is it a major or minor mold infestation? A professional mold inspection Orlando will help you determine the extent of the mold infestation. Professionals use tools to map out moisture on the entire building helping them identify all the areas where mold could be growing.
  • When you want to identify mold spread – mold spreads quickly especially when the environment presents conducive conditions. If you have visually identified mold on your property you might want to know whether it has spread and to what level. A mold inspection will help you identify just how far the mold colonies have gone.
  • To ascertain causes of some health problems – there are certain health conditions that are associated with exposure to mold. If you are having employees of family members with symptoms such as chronic sinus infections, chronic sore throats, headaches, coughing, wheezing, unexplained skin rashes, hives and unexplained fatigue you might have to do a mold inspection to rule out mold as the cause. These symptoms are often associated with exposure to mold, but they can also be due to other causes. Identifying that you do not have mold is a great way of knowing what other causes could have been there and treating the root cause.
  • When you have had water damage – water damage often leads to mold growth especially when it has not been properly handled or handled promptly. Having a mold inspection done can help you determine whether the water damage event caused mold growth or not and take measures to protect your health and property from further damage.
  • To come up with a good mold remediation plan – a good mold remediation company will not just start working on mold without knowing the extent of your problem. As such, every mold remediation project should start with Orlando mold inspection. During this step, the inspector determines the size of your mold infestation and the extent of damage. This way they are able to come up with a good plan that handles your unique mold infestation effectively.
  • To determine the cause of the mold problem – a mold inspection Orlando doesn’t only inspect the extent of the mold problem. It is also used to identify the cause of excess moisture or water triggering mold growth. Professionals use specialized tools like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to identify specific areas with different moisture levels of temperatures. This way they are able to pinpoint exactly where the cause of excess moisture could be and have the problem fixed. Mold is very persistent and without properly fixing the cause, it will keep recurring and causing damage to your property and health.

Intrusive vs non-intrusive mold inspection techniques

Mold inspection can either be intrusive or non-intrusive. Usually, the mold inspection Orlando starts by the visual assessment of the property. During this step, the inspector walks around the property looking for signs of mold growth. some of the signs to look out for in this step include discolorations (patches) on walls or ceilings, a musty smell, and visible mold growth on surfaces.

After the visual inspection is finished, then some more advanced tools are utilized in further inspections. Moisture meters and infrared cameras are used to identify hidden moisture pockets and areas that might be having mold growth out of sight. This step is still non-invasive and it builds on the visual assessment done first.

The final step that might be carried out involves using invasive methods to look for mold on a property. There are instances when demolitions need to be done for the inspector to see mold growth. This is the last resort and most of the times it is not needed. However, you should not worry because your property will be returned back to pre-damaged conditions when the entire process is done.

Professional mold inspection Orlando

If you have noticed any health problems related to mold or you have visible signs of mold growth on your property, it is best to have a professional come and inspect your property. Do not attempt to clean mold on your own without knowing the extent of the mold problem. Without finding the root cause of the mold problem and removing all the mold on your property, your efforts will be in futility.

Professionals that conduct Orlando mold inspections are highly trained and know how to quickly identify mold growth and accurately pinpoint the cause of mold on your property. Mold inspection and testing kits are not as useful as they are sold to be. When the kit indicates a positive result for mold it doesn’t tell you anything significant since mold spores are freely available in the air. It also doesn’t show you the location of mold or the source. professional mold testing is the best way to learn everything you need to know about a mold problem.

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