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Need to restore your home back to original conditions quickly after water damage? That is the hope of every property owner. The longer you wait before repairing water damage, the worse the damage will be and hence the more expensive the repairs. But not to worry, our network of pre-vetted and approved companies, work 24/7 and respond immediately to mitigate damage and start the restoration process.

Water can wreak havoc on your property and damage items in it. When you leave water to infiltrate items and building materials, the damage can be overwhelming. Not to mention, as the water sits on the surfaces for long, it causes mold growth which causes secondary damage to property and exposes occupants to health risks.

There is therefore need to not only act quickly but also ensure that the water damage event has been handled properly and fully. This is where the services of our companies come in. All the companies in our network are experienced and reputable. They have handled many water damage restoration projects right in your neighborhood.

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Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using our network of companies for your upcoming water damage restoration project in Orlando Florida;

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  • Fair prices – with our companies you will only get a quote after the water damage inspection has been done.
  • Customer satisfaction – our companies are crazy about your satisfaction. Your needs will be put first.

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Water Damage Restoration Orlando FL

One of the most significant things in the planet is water. It's even classified as one of the essential requirements for human survival. We use water to clean our surroundings, our cars, our property, and even our pets. Even though water seems beneficial, there are instances when it can also lead to property damage. Water from floods, water leaks from broken pipes, and unattended roof leaks can all result in damage to your property or loss of possessions. When this happens you need professional water damage restoration Orlando FL to get your property back to original conditions.

Water damage can be due to a natural disaster like a flood, an accidental occurrence like an overflowing bathtub, or lack of maintenance on essential property systems like plumbing, roof and HVAC. It therefore means that sometimes water damage may not be avoided, but most of the times it is possible to keep your property free of water damage events if you are vigilant enough.

What are the signs of water damage?

Identifying signs of water damage is crucial for homeowners to prevent costly repairs and safeguard their property. Water damage comes in various forms, and some can be sneaky, while others show immediate signs, depending on the materials involved and cause of water damage. As a homeowner, keen observation is your ally in detecting issues early and avoiding significant damage.

Visible signs are the first clues to watch out for. Changes in the physical appearance of an area in your home can signal trouble. Keep an eye out for discolored walls, bubble-like formations in wallpaper, or water streaks along walls. These visible indicators could be early warnings of potential water damage. While some homeowners might rely on annual inspections, taking immediate action upon noticing these signs can save you from more extensive and expensive repairs. Check for possible sources like a dishwasher leak or broken pipes in your washing machine, and don't hesitate to address suspicions promptly.

Another key aspect is changes in the odor of objects or appliances. Water damage doesn't always involve clean water, especially in flood-prone areas. Floodwaters or leaks from burst pipes can lead to gradual damage and unpleasant odors. If you notice a strange smell, it's crucial to inform maintenance personnel during routine checks. Timely communication can significantly reduce the risk of irreversible damage to your property and belongings.

You can also identify water damage Orlando Florida by listening. There is a way that water flows towards your taps and away from the sinks or toilets when you flush. If you are keen enough, you can tell whether you have water damage by listening to sounds the water makes. Dripping sounds and unusual gurgling sounds may indicate water damage and the need for Orlando water damage repair.

To summarize, staying vigilant and recognizing visible signs, such as discoloration, bubbles, and streaks, is essential for homeowners. Taking immediate action upon suspicion of water damage and addressing potential sources like leaks can save you from more extensive issues. Additionally, being aware of changes in odor and promptly informing maintenance personnel during routine checks adds an extra layer of protection for your property and belongings. However, when water damage occurs, do not hesitate to call in professional water damage restoration Orlando Florida.

The risks of water damage

Water damage Orlando Florida poses a lot of risks to property and its occupants. Damages caused by water spread quickly, just like those caused by fire. However, water damage takes longer for the materials to be degraded as water infiltrates. The most fatal water damages are those caused by surface water intrusion. This means water intrusion from any surface on the earth. This can mean water from a tornado, overflown water body, sewage and other such sources.

Surface water intrusion is the worst because the water that intrudes your property is already contaminated. So besides, the structural damage that will happen to your property, there is also heightened exposure to health problems by just coming into contact with contaminated or black water. If you have surface water intrusion in your property, then seek professional Orlando water damage restoration immediately as this black water may contain biohazards.

Water intrusion by surface water also causes a lot of structural damage to your property and anything in it. The foundation, walls, floors, insulation, electronics, artwork and fabrics are not spared from damage by contaminated water. The damage is even worse when the water sits in the property for a long time. it is crucial that you act fast to remove the grey or black water from your property and start the Orlando water damage restoration process.

Another risk of water intrusion is exposing electronics and electrical wiring to water. This can lead to fire hazards caused by short circuits in the system. Another problem is that it can cause electronics to stop working and expose occupants to risks of electrical shock. If you have puddles of water or water intrusion that is reaching your electronics, consider shutting off the power at the mains before the professionals show up for water damage restoration.

The other risk associated with water damage Orlando Florida is mold growth. Mold can start growing on a surface in 24 to 48 hours after the water damage event. Any areas that become moist are prone to mold growth even when they are hidden out of sight. As such, you could be having mold growth that is happening behind the scenes causing damage to your structure and exposing the occupants to health problems.

Finally, water damage causes structural damage to your property, regardless of the type of water causing the damage. When this happens, professionals will not only remove the water and dry the property, but will also offer water damage repair Orlando to bring your property back to former glory, if not better. Structural damage will happen due to rotting, warping of key components, splitting, peeling and decay. There are instances when Orlando water damage repairs will suffice, and other times when reconstruction of the whole affected region is needed.

The process of water damage restoration

The process of professional water damage restoration is a meticulous and comprehensive process that follows industry standards and guidelines set by organizations that train, test and certify water damage restoration professionals. Here is what typical professional water damage restoration Orlando FL process looks like;

Conduct a water damage inspection – the first step entails assessing the property for water damage. The assessment is conducted for several reasons including the following;

  • To identify the water source
  • To identify the type of water causing the damage (clean, gray or black water)
  • To determine the extent of water damage on the property
  • To come up with an effective restoration plan for your unique situation.
  • To come up with a fair quote or estimate for the scope of work determined during inspection

It is evident that water damage inspection is a very critical stage to proper restoration. It is also the initial contact you have with the company and it can tell you a lot about the operations of the company. How do they respond to your queries? How much are they charging for their services? How well do they explain the processes and expectations to you? What is their timeline like? There is so much you can learn during this process.

Fixing the cause of water or excess moisture – the water problem identified during inspection and assessment is then fixed to stop any further water infiltration. This is the first step towards water mitigation and a very important step to water damage restoration Orlando Florida. If the cause of water is left unattended or its not fixed properly, water damage will continue to happen even after the professionals leave. It is imperative that the source or sources are identified and properly fixed.

Remove standing water – the second step entails removing any standing water on the property via extraction. The professionals use industrial vacuums and submersible pumps to remove all the standing water quickly to prevent further infiltration and damage. After removing all the standing water, the remaining surface water can then be removed using portable wet/dry vacuums. During this process, the specialist may also use moisture meters and or thermal imaging cameras to find any hidden moisture pockets and take care of them.

Drying and dehumidification of affected areas – the next step entails ensuring that all the surfaces and spaces on your property are back to usual moisture levels. Equipment such as air movers and commercial grade dehumidifiers are used to accelerate the drying process and remove any extra moisture from the property. This is key because it reduces chances of mold growth after the water damage event. This step may take much longer than the water extraction.

Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces – the surfaces may need to be treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent mold growth. Cleaning of the affected surfaces may also be necessary especially if the water causing the damage is contaminated water (black water). Further, there might also be need to do some air scrubbing. This is done using HEPA air filters to remove contaminants from the air which may have been brought about by the water.

Repair and reconstruct if necessary – the final step in water damage restoration entails water damage repair Orlando. In this process the professionals will repair any and all damaged surfaces. During the process, porous materials that are affect by mold will be removed including dry wall, carpet padding, low density trim boards and so much more. All of these removed materials will have to be replaced and the areas repaired. This is the only way to ensure that your property is brought back to pre-damaged conditions. Professional water damage restoration experts are certified in demolition and construction also meaning their repairs are done to code and required standards.

What to do before the professionals

The first thing you need to do is consider your safety especially when you are dealing with flooding water damage. Check the source of water and maybe the color and smell of the water to determine whether it is safe to handle the water or not. Shut off water at the mains if intrusion is still happening. Also, turn the power off at the mains to avoid electric shocks and fires.

Next, if the water is clean, try to remove as much as possible before the professionals arrive. Also move any valuables that are near the water to higher ground to reduce chances of damage. In essence you should do everything possible to contain the water and reduce further damage.

Water damage restoration and insurance

If you have homeowners’ insurance, you might not be the least worried about water damage events on your property. But, sadly, not all types of water damage are covered by insurance. Further, not all insurance claims even of the covered water damage events will be successful. Most property owners do not understand the right process for water damage claims or their insurance coverage.

When you experience a water damage event, you should not navigate the unfamiliar territory of insurance claims alone. With the help of your insurance adjuster and a professional water damage restoration company in Orlando, it is possible to have your claim paid and even at the amount you wanted.

The public adjuster will assess the water damage and all impacted areas, they generate proof through photographing the damage and measuring the impacted areas, and they negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. The water damage restoration Orlando FL company will also help in the process by providing their own assessment and inspection of the damage.

They will also take photos of the damage, the damaged items and catalogue them so that this proof is attached with your claims form. Having both the adjuster and a professional, experienced company handling your insurance claims increases the chances of success. Make sure that you report the damage immediately when you notice it so that it is considered accidental damage and not wear and tear. Waiting for long may cause you to lose the claim.

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